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Students form the most important stakeholders around whom an educational institution is built and developed. It becomes the duty of the institution to strive to meet its students’ needs and to accommodate their expectations as best as it can.

SVS GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS (Autonomous), Warangal, with its motto,‘Provocans Ad Volandum’ meaning ‘Provoked to Fly’, has consistently done so
over its 150 years history. Student feedback through the years has been effectively implemented so as to benefit the Svs Group Of Institutions. In the academic year 2022-23 as well, feedback was sought from undergraduate and post graduate students from various disciplines on the quality of their learning experiences in
college, and their expectations thereof.


Mechanism of feedback:

A Google form was created with questions pertaining to the different aspects to be assessed. The weblink to the feedback questionnaire was provided to the students with a request to complete the form within the stipulated time.
The weblink link was enabled and kept active for a month from the date of activation.Feedback collected was analysed for quality improvement measures. Aspects of the questionnaire:

The Feedback questionnaire comprised of following specific areas Course details Admission process Feedback on orientation session conducted at the beginning of the academic year (chiefly for first year students)

  • Curriculum and syllabus 

  • Evaluation pattern

  • Relevance of the course

  • Student-Teacher relationship

  • Opinion on college life

  • Disciplinary measures of the college

  • Summary of Results:

A total of 956 students responded to the questionnaire – females and males,Female respondents far outnumbered the males except in the commerce faculty where this trend was reversed. The overall responses were positive, while a few
areas of concern remain as from last year’s survey.

As in previous years, the student-teacher relationship in college received a high rating with greater than 88% students rating it as either good or excellent. Around 86% students stated that they are happy to come to college. A large majority of students were also highly satisfied with the academic discipline with 81% rating the lectures as good or excellent, and 79% rating the practical sessions in a similar anner. 85% of respondents rated the evaluation process, and 86% rated the exam conduction process as good or excellent. Students estimated that more than 85% of
the syllabus was satisfactorily covered in the class. More than 80% students agreed that the college provided them with multiple opportunities to grow both,academically and personally. The College library was rated as one of the best facilities on campus, an undisputable rank for past several years. 88% respondents rated it as very good or excellent. On an average, above 80% of students ranked as good or above the classroom and laboratory infrastructure and cleanliness. Nearly 77% students were happy with the computer facilities on campus. A recurring trend observed to continue from the previous year was that while most students were aware of the facilities available on campus including the Library, Knowledge centre, Wellness centre and others. The areas of improvement as suggested by students include improving internet connectivity on campus (75%), washroom (70%) and canteen  (70%) facilities, and drinking water (70%).While 92% of Bachelors students and 89% of Masters Respondents felt that the college was better as compared to other colleges, almost all of them (94%) stated that they would recommend SVS GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS

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