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 Portray the performance of the Institution in one area distinctive to its priority and thrust within 1000 words Response:

 SVS GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS was established SVS Educational Society - 2008, Bheemaram Hanamkonda, under the chairmanship of Dr.Errabelli thirumal rao. The institution is situated within the heart of  bheemaram, hanamkonda area.The Instution is an  Integrated Campus offering programmes in Engineering, Pharmacy Management.  


Location Advantage: SVS GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS it is the first and only integrated campus in the district of is surrounded by several towns and cities the ambience is set in a completely urban background with serene atmosphere. Many students are coming from nearby cities such as Naimanagar, Ramnagar, Warangal, Hanamkonda etc. Most of the students prefer to attend the college on foot and by motor cycle. Due to these factors the institute is free from pollution and doesn’t get exposed to contamination. With these aspects students will get benefited not only for this but also health point of view.our institution is a unique one in its green enviornment ambeince clubbed with its locational advantage.

The students of this institute do not get disturbed since the campus is away from buzzing city life. The students do not have any distraction and so naturally concentrate their studies thoroughly. Moreover, education facilities get decentralized if the institutes are established in different locations. Thus the institution is blessed to be close with the nature. By staying away from the metropolitan environment, students will focus on studies rather than other avocations. Thus those who come from nearby places will have the advantage of low cost maintenance, and also they can save time. The college campus is located in a position which has more than 100 village namely chintagattu,pallavelpulu,jaigiri,devennapet,unikicherla,reddypuram,ananthasagar,hasanparthy,ambala,bavupeta,elkathurthy,valbhapur,shyampet,dharmasagar,rampur,battupalli,madikonda,kamlapuur,uppal,bollikunta,arrapali with in the radius of 10km. This enabled  the rural students to get higher education by spending less amount on conveyance.

The students spends more quality time within the campus much beyond teaching learning   by attending remedial coaching, value added program, club activities, co-curricular and extra curricular sports and cultural activities. This improves and provides scope for personality development which in turn increases their empoyability skills.

 Student Clubs: The institute patronizes different clubs to encourage students so that the students will showcase their talents. The campus comprises various students clubs which include: Arts and crafts,  dancing club, music club, Gymnasium and photography. Keeping in view of the welfare of the students, different clubs are formed such as arts and crafts club, music club, dance club.

By participating in these clubs, students will showcase their talents and become role models for others. These activities will definitely improve the moral, intellectual and spiritual levels of students. The students are actively participating not only in curricular and co-curricular activities but also in extra-curricular activities viz., the college Annual day, Graduation day, techno-marg ceremony and Traditional day. For these programs the students are practicing the classical, western, solo and group dance. Not only dance practices and also singing rehearsals are conducted through the music club. In campus radio, the students will announce the upcoming events; exam updates and wishes to the students those who secure highest marks branch wise and subject wise. The students act like a Radio Jockey to prove their talent as professionals. During evening times, sometimes the quizzes are conducted among the students for their academic growth. Along with these, the students will also take part in technological debates and social interactions, which improve the communicative skills and hone the latent talents of the students. Those who are interested in photography are encouraged to be a part of photography club. These students will learn different techniques with regarding photography and thus encouraged as per their personal aptitude.

Our institute is providing a large playing field in order to support a wide range of both indoor and outdoor games, Viz., Volleyball, Throw Ball, Kabaddi and Kho-Kho, Table Tennis, Badminton, Weight Lifting,  Chess, and Caroms. SIIET also has the area meant for Yoga and gymnasium comprising all facilities. This sort of encouraging students leads physical strength and mental ability.The students enjoy the following  advantage of studying in city based integrated campus.

Integrated campus-

  1. At the community level-social integration

  2. At theIndividual level-personnal integration

  3. At theInstitutional level-structural integration

The integrated campus also enables the students and faculty members to pursue inter disipilanary activities. In tune with the latest national   educational policy our students have enoromous opportunities to pursue value added courses in other discipline and also obtained dual degree after our institution becomes autonomous.

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