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Professor & Principal

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Being the head of the SVS Group of Institutions and Faculty in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, I have committed myself to the process and procedures of administration by regularization of handling various levels of issues including with the policy of technical education and higher education as per the norms framed by the Government, university and the Management for the affairs dealing with student, faculty, staff, social and administrative measures. And the continuous progress for the growth and development towards academic infrastructures and facilities of the Institutions. By supporting the faculty members for teaching the students to plan and execute for their academic programme as per the regulations framed by the JNTUH. And to assist the students in planning their courses of study and for the general advice on the academic programme by resolving academic issues experienced by the students in the class rooms and in the laboratories.  And the process as the frequent monitoring the courses taken by the students, check the attendance, inspect their performance through reports and progress of the students attached to him/her is directed by counseling them periodically, if necessary may also inform or  discuss with the parents about the progress of the students for the sustained improvement. By continuous monitoring the student, the analysis is done for performance of the students of the class after each test and finding the ways and means of improving the students’ ability, providing some additional help or guidance or coaching to weak students as often as possible.


And moreover I would comfort the students to be innovative in research and development on the current trends and research in engineering, to improve the knowledge through education and put the effort in making them a talented personality to serve the society and then make the nation be progressive.  I would insist the both faculty and student to observe disciplined and decorous behavior, inside and outside the college campus. I wish that each and every student of our SVS Group of Institutions to achieve the dream goals of that would bring safe and peaceful life for the mankind and nature.



Professor & Principal

College Code: TK

SVS Group of Institutions

Bheemaram, Hanamkonda, 

Warangal - 506015.

Tel: 0870-2453900


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