Through our program of innovative teaching, service, research, and scholarship, we will achieve the distinction of being a premier college of pharmacy.

Department of Pharmacy


To educate professionals who will address the pharmacy-related needs of society. The College of Pharmacy fosters a learning-centered, research-oriented educational environment that encourages individuals to make positive lifelong contributions to global health. We prepare professional degree students to provide compassionate pharmacist-delivered patient care, and inspire our students through innovative problem-based learning.



 B Pharm., M Pharm., PHD

 ofessor & DEAN.


  1. The broad and principal Program Educational Objective is to produce Pharmacy professionals equipped with knowledge and skill to cater to the health-care needs of the society, technical needs of the pharmaceutical industry and to contribute in the research and development areas of pharmaceuticals.

  2. In their service to health-care system of the society, the pharmacists are expected to provide medicines and medical counseling to the patients and act as a bridge between the medical practitioners and the patients.

  3. In their assistance to pharmaceutical industry, the pharmacists are expected to employ their knowledge and skill to produce best possible quality of medicines and their formulations at an affordable price.

  4. In their contribution in research and development area of pharmaceuticals the pharmacy professionals are expected to engage in research activities undertaken by academic institutions as well as pharmaceutical industries.

  5. To provide an educational environment that enables students to acquire the behaviors, moral and ethical attitudes they will need to practice the profession competently and ethically.

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