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Guided by the enduring values of SVS Group of Institutions, Alumni Association will be a leader among College alumni organizations by providing an evolving range of services to alumni, students, and the College administration, and by informing and influencing policies to further the mission of the College.


The Alumni Association bridges the gap between the students and industry with continuous interactions and monitoring the progress of students and giving inputs of required suggestions.

The Objectives of the Association

  • To maintain a warm relation between the alumni and the Alma matter.

  • To foster the relationship between the past and the present students of the institution.

  • To keep alumni informed of the developmental and expansion projects in the campus.

  • To serve as a forum striving to get a proper blend of the theoretical and practical aspects of Engineering.

  • Support financially underprivileged students by instituting scholarships and encourage meritorious students through awards and honors.

  • Mentor fresh graduates in securing suitable employments.

  • To share and turn the adversities of their professional/corporate as well as personal life into opportunities and solutions, if any, through the help of members of the association at this platform.

  • To support the Sherwood Educational Group’s aims and objectives and uphold its reputation in the field of imparting knowledge to all especially in the field of technology and management.

  • To assist in recruitment of students.

  • To recognize the distinguished services of its alumni.

  • Support the efforts and programs of alumni volunteers who work in admission, planned giving, annual giving, career development, multicultural affairs, and regional societies.

  • Encourage attendance at Alumni Weekend, athletic events, lectures, networking receptions, and performances both on and off campus.

  • The Alumni Association operates as a charitable, benevolent and philanthropic institution and does not operate for profit or pecuniary gain.




All the students of the college shall be eligible to become members of the Association. There shall be the following classes of members.



The Chairman and the members of the governing body and the Principal of the college shall be the patrons of the association.


Honorary members:

On nomination of the Board of Directors, a person who has made a significant contribution to the influence or progress of SVS Group of Institutions may be selected to honorary membership.

Ordinary members:

All past students who successfully received a certificate of degree from the Group of institutions and pay the subscription fee as stipulated by Patrons shall be the ordinary members.

Rights of Members:

The rights of members include voting at all meetings of the Association, voting for the nominated officers, and receiving all publications and notices to all general meetings held under the auspices of the Association.

Alumni Association Board :

This Board has the key members who play active role in organizing the different activities of Association during course of time.

Alumni Gallary

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