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Internet & Wi-Fi

  Internet Connection:

 The institution updates the internet connection as and when required. The available internet bandwidth is100 MBPS provided by BSNL is updated in 2021 from 50 MBPS to 100 MBPS. A second backup line by REACH is provided with a bandwidth of 100MBPS and a dedicated line of 50 MBPS, given for examination branch. ACT is provided with a bandwidth of 100MBPS Speed. Now upgraded to 100 MBPS with BSNL

No. of Systems and software:

There are totally 646 computers available in the institution. Various software required for academic purposes which include Oracle, MATLAB, AutoCAD, and Globerina are available apart from basic software like Office, Tally etc.

 The licensed version of OS:

The institution has licensed copies of Windows Operating System (windows 7, windows   10, windows 11, windows HP) and also works with open-source operating systems like    UbuntuOS.

   I/O Devices

There are 20 printers, 12 scanners, and one DVD Writer is available. Internet service is available for both Faculty and students in the campus. 60 systems are provided with internet facility in the central computing Centre. All the departments are provided with computer labs with internet facility. 10 Systems are provided with internet facility in the central library. The College provides internet facility to staff members at the respective departments in order to access the required study material from available e resources. The Principal‘s Office, Administrative Office, Examination Section, Training and Placement Cell and Senior Faculty member cabins are provided with computers with internet facility. The entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled. Un-interrupted power supply is available in the campus.

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