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  • Secretary and Correspondent of Thirumala Educational Society, Hanamkonda, Warangal District.

  • Founder & Chairman of SVS Group of Institutions, Warangal.

  • Honorary President of Private Junior Colleges Management Association, Warangal.

  • Convener of Private Colleges (Engineering, Pharmacy, Degree, P.G. and Junior Colleges) Management Association, Warangal.

  • President for Telangana Professional Colleges Managements Association(TPCMA)



  • Founder and Chairman of ThirumalaEducational Society since 1986. Started SVS Institutions under this society to cater to the educational needs in Telangana.

  • Placed SVS Group of Institutions at enviable heights among educational institutions in Telangana

  • Voluntarily and passionately conducted many social service activities involving staff, students and NSS volunteers in the presence of Ministers, M.P.s, M.L.A.s, and many Govt. Officials.

  • Conducting meetings, seminars, and workshops to boost and strengthen the abilities of faculty and staff in the institutions. Strived to facilitate better services in not just education, but also instilled responsibilities towards social activities.



  • Presently President for Telangana Professional Colleges Managements Association(TPGMA)

  • Honorary President of State for Junior Colleges Management Association

  • District President for Degree Colleges Management Association

  • District Secretary for Degree Colleges Management Association

  • District President of Junior Colleges Management Association

  • District Secretary of Junior Colleges Management Association

  • Cultural Secretary at PG Level

  • Science Secretary in Degree Level

  • Organizing Secretary in Intermediate level



  • Right from the time of the hunger strike in November 2009, played a very crucial and active role in Telangana Agitation.

  • During the series of agitations like the Million March, Chalo Assembly, Rail Rokho and SakalajanulaSamme in 2011-12 initiated and sent over 3000 students each time from our Institutions to participate and support these movements.

  • During peak agitations at Kakatiya University, thousands of our students were taken along to the University for supporting the movement.

  • When the Kakatiya University mess was instructed to be closed during the agitation days, I promised to supply food to the students who were supporting and striving for separate Telangana State

  • During the ‘MahaGarjana’ at Osmania University Campus, thousands of students attended the meeting from Warangal. When they returned back, food was supplied to all those students by us throughout the night.

  • Supplied free transport by sending our buses to the students who needed to travel to Hyderabad or any other place and participate in events of Telangana Agitations.

  • Finally, I myself participated in the rallies and meetings actively to initiate, motivate and encourage our students, faculty, and staff along with management of other Institutions throughout these years to fulfill our dream of achieving a separate Telangana State.



  • Took active part in ‘JanmaBhoomi’.

  • Conducted over 50 Blood donation Camps by creating immense awareness among students.

  • As a part of ‘HarithaMithra’, organized a 5k Run with more than 5000 people from SVS Campus by doing plantations throughout the run.

  • Providing free education for economically backward students.

  • Active initiator and participator of ‘Swatch Bharath’.

  • Conducted workshops to encourage voter Enrollmentamong students with District Collector and other Govt. Officials.

  • Conducted awareness programs regarding traffic regulations for students in Collaboration with Higher Officials of Police Department for the welfare and safety of students.

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